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I do too! Sea kayaking is also something that I love very much. I’ve been practicing yoga for about two years, mostly on my own. I’ve been to very few classes. Actually, YouTube has provided me with wonderful teachers.I find that yoga and sea kayaking complement each other wonderfully. Sea kayaking, which utilizes a lot of core, can be strenuous, but also very meditative and rhythmic. Strength, stamina and flexibility help with everything.

This is why I’ve reached out to a wonderful yoga instructor, Lisa Nicole Tai, to create an exciting offering that combines yoga, sea kayaking, travel, and Guna culture. (If you’re reading this blog and haven’t checked out the rest of my new website, please check it out. You’ll find more information about who the Guna are and why Guna Yala is such a spectacular place to visit.)


I met Lisa last spring in Santa Catalina, Panama (on the Pacific side), where she was instructing yoga at a lovely hotel called La Buena Vida. I was there visiting a kayak guide friend of mine, Liz, and wanted to join a few yoga classes. La Buena Vida has a gorgeous yoga space, overlooking the mountains, and I highly recommend it. The food at the restaurant is fresh and delectable and the whole place is covered in gorgeous mosaics. . . so awesome!

I attended two classes with Lisa. That was all I had time for! I loved her teaching style, her soothing voice, her hands-on approach to yoga, and her attitude. I thought hey, a yoga/kayak trip would be amazing! I’m grateful that Lisa was interested. So here we are, planning for this new adventure. We are in the process of contacting a beautiful yoga retreat center outside Panama City. I’ll post an update when we have confirmation. If the center is a no-go, yoga on a tropical white sandy beach in Guna Yala it is! Either way, contact me if you’re interested in this positively life-impacting journey. We’re planning on offering this in January. Specific dates to come. Let me know your availability. And if this winter doesn’t fit into your schedule, keep it at the top of your list for next season:) Thank you!

Meet Lisa:


A practitioner of yoga since 2001, Lisa Nicole Tai is a Sivananda-Certified Yoga Instructor, as well as a graduate of the Hatha, Vinyasa, and therapeutic-based Yoga Space Teacher Training program. Her passion for helping others, especially with relaxation and self-care, led her to become a Thai Massage Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, and Holistic Esthetician. She teaches various private, semi-private, and group classes, and hosts retreats and workshops.

A hands-on teacher who believes in the healing power of therapeutic touch, Lisa brings elements of Thai massage into all of her classes. Guided by the Buddhist practice of metta (loving-kindness), she creates a supportive and safe environment in which to explore and grow. Her classes focus on breathing, alignment, mindful movement, and love! She sees yoga asana as a vehicle for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual transformation. A creative and inspired teacher, she has developed many unique offerings, including a fun and invigorating class called HouseYoga. Over the years, she has become attracted to more therapeutic forms of yoga, such as Restorative and Yin, and she is excited to share their benefits.

As a Women’s Studies graduate of York University and former board member of the York Women’s Centre, she has a particular interest in women’s health. Teacher and student, Lisa is consistently striving to explore and deepen her practice. Her goal is to make yoga and yoga-based healing practices as accessible as possible to diverse populations of people.


Join me in Guna Yala, Panama!

Hello! Hola! Nuedi (Guna greeting)! I’m getting amped up for a few months of tropical paradise! Welcome to my new website (which still needs a lot of work, so check it out in a few weeks). This is also my first blog post. . . perfect timing to plan your tropical holiday this winter. . . or maybe you’re already dreaming of a kayak trip in Alaska summer 2017!

Panama is an incredibly diverse and beautiful country, a destination worth exploring. And any trip to Panama should absolutely include at least a few days (better yet, an entire week!) in Guna Yala on the Caribbean side. This is the semi-autonomous zone of the Guna, one of the more prominent indigenous groups of Panama. You may know it as the San Blas islands, however the real name is Guna Yala!

White sandy beaches, bath-temperature turquoise water, hundreds of palm-tree dotted islands, incredible snorkeling, colorful hammocks swaying in a tropical breeze, fresh fish and fruit, sipping coconut water from a coconut, ideal sea kayaking conditions. . . do I really need to go on? It’s a tropical paradise!! Go on. . . see for yourself.

In addition to the aforementioned tropical qualities, the thing that I find most amazing about Guna Yala is the Guna. . . the people! I’ve never met such warm-hearted, friendly, quick-to-laugh-and-joke, fascinating people. And they’re so colorful! The trips I offer invite you to immerse yourself into the traditional lives of the Guna, which they are fighting to maintain. Eat what they eat. . . cook how they cook. . . participate in a traditional dance. . . check out the beautiful handicrafts. . . dress in their traditional way. . . witness their ceremonial structures and learn about their interesting customs. . . pick up a few Guna phrases. . . wander the narrow dirt paths of a community. . . listen to their creation stories and legends. . . play with some super cute kids!

I invite you to peruse my website for more information about the trips that I offer (don’t forget to check out the Alaska section for inspiration for next summer! It’s right around the corner) and please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about anything! And the website will gradually become more user-friendly and concise, I promise:) You gotta start somewhere, right?

So, make it happen! Plan your sea kayak and cultural immersion tropical holiday today! Check out my other blog post about an exciting upcoming yoga retreat/kayak trip.

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