More Masks + Kids + Other

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Black Lives Matter Masks

The Kuna stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement and show their support with these beautiful masks. Price is same as other masks. *There are many available of each of these.

A Kuna woman sewing a BLM Mask in Panama

Small Square Mola Panels

These hand-stitched mola panels look great framed as decoration, and can also be used in sewing projects (quilts, patches, clothing adornment, etc.)

Dimensions are in CENTIMETERS: length x height

Price: $25 + shipping for one; $20/each + shipping for more than one.


Hand-stitched unique headbands, sewn in the mola style. Perfect to brighten up any outfit, any day. I have lots and love wearing these!

The small sizes are 5cm in height and between 51cm – 54cm around (when not stretched), and have a band of elastic in the back that stretches an additional 10cm – 15cm.

The large sizes with string ties (strings shown in photos) have approximately 38cm of headband design.

Price: Small size: $20 each + shipping. Large size: $25 each + shipping.

Click on image for better view.

Kids Masks

Victor’s niece dressed traditionally in her community, Kuna Yala, Panama


These are hand-made colorful bracelets, made from a waxed cotton. The closure is an adjustable Fishermen’s Knot, which slides to accommodate all sizes of wrist, from child to large adult wrists.

Price: $10 each + shipping