Mola Panels

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What is a Mola?

In the Kuna dialect, which has no resemblance to Spanish, the word “mola” refers to both clothing in general, as well as what has become a national craft of Panama. Molas are intricately hand-stitched panels that many Kuna women sew onto the front and back of their colorful blouses. It is a sewing technique called reverse applique. The panels are known as molas, as well as the blouse itself. Molas are a symbol of beauty and a way for women to express their culture and creativity. They are very proud of this art form. Molas tell stories and into them are sewn representations from their everyday lives and traditional ceremonies, from medicinal plants, to animals, to the wooden paddles that they use, to the clay vessel from which they ceremoniously burn cacao incense, to a man and woman in a marriage ceremony. Many women earn significant income from mola sales. If you’ve been to Panama you’ve definitely seen them!

So gorgeous… but what do I do with a mola?

Molas look great framed on the wall, and can also be used in sewing projects (quilts, pillow cases, seat covers, patches, bags, clothing adornment, etc.) Everyone in my family has at least one framed mola on their wall!

Small Mola Panels (Molitas)

$20 each + shipping

Dimensions are in CENTIMETERS: length x height

Large Mola Panels

Prices are on each photo. An incredible amount of work goes into each mola. Some are a lot more detailed and require a lot more time and work than others, hence the different prices. A mola of this size can take a woman months to complete.

Dimensions are in CENTIMETERS