Portobelo, Costa Arriba, Panama

July, 2020: As I work on (the long) process of updating my website to reflect my move towards community-based tourism and diverse collaborations, I want people to at least have some idea of what unique experiences await in this beautiful and culturally-rich area on the Caribbean coast of Panama.

I am working on various collaborations for community-based tourism opportunities that, of course are fun travel and adventure experiences, but also contribute to the development of the community.

A teacher of La Escuelita Del Ritmo with community youth, Portobelo, Panama
The Caribbean town of Portobelo, Bahía de Portobelo, Panama

In addition to fascinating history and natural beauty, Portobelo has created a unique cultural center; music, art, and dance, that hosts diverse projects, including La Escuelita Del Ritmo (The School of Rhythm), a non-profit that offers free music, dance, and English lessons to youth in the area. They also contribute to many other projects and collaborations, including this one with Digital Portobelo, which is a favorite video of mine. Don’t worry, it has English subtitles:)

Although this video isn’t new, it expresses the community and positive mindset of Portobelo. It highlights a community project and a rhythmic style of music that is unique to Portobelo. More than that though, it’s very inspirational as to what a community is capable of when they support each other with motivation and positivity. Community is at the heart of this project, as it will be for many of my new single- and multi-day trip/experience offerings. These are the people and attitudes of Portobelo, Panama. Enjoy.

If you’re able to make a donation to support Portobelo through the Coronavirus Pandemic, please visit this GoFundMe Campaign: Portobelo Solidario (Solidarity with Portobelo).