Yoga & Kayak Adventures

An exciting new adventure for women is on the way! Possible destinations: Costa Rica, Mexico, or Belize

The following photos are from 3 previous Yoga/Kayak Adventures in Panama. Stay tuned for the announcement of our new trip offering! We hope you’ll join us for a unique trip that offers yoga, sea kayaking, and other fun activities, while discovering diverse beauty and culture. Treat yourself to this dream holiday, which will rejuvenate and awaken your adventurous spirit. You’re worth it! .

“The trip had a good balance of yoga, adventure, relaxation, and cultural connection. We did a lot those 8 days!! When I got back to Sweden it felt like I had been away for at least 3 weeks. We had a great flow!!! Yes! But I feel stronger and more relaxed after the trip. It felt like traveling with friends, without having to think about any planning. Leigh & Ilene organized everything perfect. And you both have such an outstanding energy!” – Ulrika C.

About Our Trips

Since 2018, I have been collaborating with Leigh Lubin, founder of Yoga Currents. We are passionate about finding the perfect balance of adventure, relaxation, and exploration. Our trips focus on yoga, sea kayaking & other fun activities, healthy meals, and daily opportunities to truly sink in to our surroundings. Previous optional activities have included stand-up paddling, surfing, massage, mountain village visits, and hiking.

*All levels of yoga practitioners and paddlers welcome! All yoga and kayaking instruction and equipment provided.

“I was blown away at the deep relationships Ilene had developed with the local indigenous Guna peoples.  We didn’t go anywhere without our Guna guide, Nemesio, who translated for us and became a good friend. This allowed us to engage with parts of the Guna culture that most tourists don’t have access to. Ilene opened up worlds for us inside the indigenous Guna culture. . . Words can’t express how grateful I am for the opportunity to have taken this trip of a lifetime in Guna Yala, Panama. Thank you Ilene for taking me on the most beautiful vacation of my life!” – Suzannah S.

“Leigh teaches with a straightfoward knowledgeable grace. Her presence and ability to explain each pose, offering visual adjustments as well as physical, really helped me bring my practice into a very connected and internal space. I felt empowered. . . Thank you!” – Gayla R.

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Trip Cost: Details to come

Click here to view a previous detailed, day-by-day trip itinerary from Panama (just to get an idea).

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