Come sea kayaking with Ilene

It’s simple: I’m a kayak guide and instructor. The trip-of-a-lifetime awaits you! I invite you to live your life fully. Join me for an unforgettable sea kayaking adventure in the breathtaking wilderness of Alaska or tropical paradise in the Caribbean of Panama. Why wait? Let’s go!



I love sea kayaking. It is my life’s passion and I am thrilled to have made it my life’s work.

I am extremely grateful to consider both Prince William Sound, Alaska and Guna Yala (San Blas), Panama my home. I experience the most joy, sense of adventure and connection with myself, my environment and those around me when I am sea kayaking in these spectacular places.

So where do you come in? I’d love to be your sea kayak guide!

Sea kayak guiding and instructing offers me the special opportunity to share my passion with anyone who is excited to experience the rhythm of a true adventure in these beautiful and remote places.

I have felt at home paddling a sea kayak for about a decade. For as long as I can remember I have felt the magic and the full potential of my life while outdoors, surrounded by nature. After receiving a sea kayak guide certification in British Columbia, Canada, I have guided in Patagonia, Chile, as well as Prince William Sound, Alaska and the Caribbean of Panama since 2010/11. Pretty surprising for a girl from Philadelphia, eh? What can I say? I’m far more into Sea Otters bobbing amongst icebergs, snorkeling with tropical fish in turquoise waters, watching Sea Lions dive in the midnight sun, and the soothing sound of a tropical breeze rustling palm fronds above my hammock than I am into Philly cheese steaks or the hustle and bustle of city life.

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There’s nothing I love more than to help create and guide exceptional adventure holidays, once-in-a-lifetime trips to discover and explore the wonders of nature and yourself, and to experience the joys and fun of learning about sea kayak touring and camping, even if for one night, although I hope you can join me for more.

Allow the photos and videos to inspire you, keeping in mind that photos can’t do these amazing and majestic places justice. You’ve got to experience them for yourself. I’m here to help make it happen for you. Why wait? Let’s go!